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July 21, 2013
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PKMNC - Application *new* - Onion by cherifish PKMNC - Application *new* - Onion by cherifish
Yoooooo! Updated with the new app, which I love! Decided to make it a brand spanking new deviation too.

:bulletblue: NAME: Onion
:bulletblue: AGE: Eighteen
:bulletblue: BIRTHDAY: December second - Sagittarius
:bulletblue: GENDER: Male
:bulletblue: POKEMON /HUMAN: Meditite
:bulletblue: NATURE: Naughty
:bulletblue: CHARACTERISTIC: Quick to flee (He doesn’t have your back)
:bulletblue: JOB: Works for Redd. Specifics are unknown.
:bulletblue: HOMETOWN: Mt.Pyre / Hoenn

:bulletblue: BIO

Onion was born into an extremely large family of Meditite’s (about 25-30 siblings) and this number also increases when you count Onion’s cousins and relatives. They worked together in bringing peace and harmony to the peaks of Mount Pyre by meditating/praying for hours each day for the souls of past Pokemon buried there. It was an old family tradition to continue to live on the mountain and become skilful in the arts of meditation, to the point where one could levitate from the ground. When a young Meditite reached the mature age of 20, they underwent a Ceremony of Levitation, where the entire family would gather at the Summit on a cloudless night. If the Meditite could successfully complete full concentration and rise from the ground, they were accepted into the shrine in the Summit of Mt. Pyre to receive its blessing and gain permission to evolve into a young Medicham when it was ready. Everyone strived for this blessing, and Onion was just another Meditite in training for this sacred day, however, he always found this a chore and would prefer to spend his days more productively and he soon became restless. As he grew older, he developed a habit of distracting the others in the attempts to stand out; a habit which his parents found rather difficult to control but usually ignored it, which answers to his lack of discipline today. Well into his fifteenth year of age, he was finally granted permission to leave the mountain with a private farewell.

He travelled as he pleased, taking any which route and passage way, most of the time becoming lost but of course being too stubborn to ask for directions. He eventually stumbled in to Pokette Town after taking a bus at random and seeing the small town from its windows. He instantly found the residents and location interesting enough to want to stay though being close to the ocean was a small price to pay. His parents worry for him constantly and send him letters and money once a week after hearing that he had decided to try his luck at residency in Pokette Town.

Onions personality has greatly improved since his departure from home and perhaps we have his journey to thank for that. In the beginning when he lived at home, he was rather cold-hearted, arrogant and condescending with thoughts for no one but himself and he constantly criticised his other brothers and sisters for spending their days away to meditation. This is mostly because he could not understand the reason why they meditated for so many hours of the day, and also because he lacked in concentration skills and was slightly frustrated because of this. He decided it was easier to just rebel his upbringing and disturb everyone else instead of conforming like them.

Since travelling, this rebellious personality has dulled down and Onion has become a more open and trusting Meditite, though his former self does come out now and then when he is feeling particularly mischievous. That being said, Onion actually does have a hidden kind-hearted and caring personality somewhere DEEP inside, but is reserved for those who are daring enough to get close to him. He'll try and push you away if he realises a friendship is building, but if you stick with him despite that, he'll slowly accept you! For others, particularly those he feels threatened by, he retains his tough exterior.

:bulletblue: HOBBY
When Onion isn't working, he tends to spend his days annoying his friends/a certain Teddisura girl, or hovering about the quieter residents of Pokette Town, observing what they do and occasionally sparking conversations with them just to be a nuisance. If the weather is bad, he'll most likely be found in his favourite Trappinch's home, gaming or being a bad guest (Usually the latter). He likes to keep up to date with what is posted on the town's bulletin board.

Lum Berry. Even though Onion didn’t practice extreme meditation and bodily concentration when he was younger, he is still able to survive on just one Lum Berry a day. However, if there are no Lum Berries that day, he wouldn’t mind another type of berry instead. He’s diet consists only of berries (or the odd toffee berry or two).

:bulletblue: TRIVIA
- Ability: Pure Power. Strength lies in Attack and Speed, and lacks in Defence.
- Moveset: Psychic, Focus Punch, Detect, Meditate
- He has a thing for Ghost types, and will usually act uncharacteristically shy and submissive, or completely the opposite. Depends on their character.
- He does not require much sleep each day and is usually up late at night. If he is going to sleep, it is usually between 8am-10am
- He would still like to work on his levitation skills but that requires more meditation than he would prefer, so progress is rather slow.
- He can’t swim, but loves to drink water. He consumes at least 5litres a day, mostly in the early morning.
- Has a massive flying-type complex (IE HATES BIRDS).
- Is colourblind (answers for his horrible fashion sense)
- If Pokemon are patient and kind to him, he seems to calm down and act decently well behaved in return, and can actually pull off normal conversations.
- He drinks black coffee to look cool!

Thanks for viewing!

All rights to (c) Pokemon/Satoshi Tajiri. Created for :iconpkmn-crossing: founded by *Cyanide-Tea
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AutumnPalette Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
:iconskarmoryplz: "I have yet to meet you, but happy birthday~!"
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Jo: Hi! You're Onion, right? I heard it was your birthday today and I remember you winning that fancy town king award like a year ago... So I thought I'd stop by to wish you Happy Birthday! holds out a cake This is for you, kya! I wasn't sure what berry you like, so I used some Oran with a little bit of Pomeg for taste. Is that alright by you? ^^
MoonlightSylph Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Student General Artist
Ah what a interesting soul he is. Perhaps one day he will have that cocoa or tea with Jay *snickers* though that may take some time.
It was fun rping with you in the very least, gave me a chance to cross paths with another person and look at their app for some insight.
cherifish Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
Thank you very much :D Thanks for RPing with me too!
Yes perhaps one day, sadly Onion is very selective in who be befriends
MoonlightSylph Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Student General Artist
Jay is like a lil' old lady some times, inviting people over to have a beverage. Really, she should be doing lemonade in this heat haha.
cerasly Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhhh I love it so much! <3 Onion looks so adorable. You always give him the most creative clothing. Tix also has the "Quick to flee" characteristic, but... for very different reasons, lol. 
cherifish Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
Thank you so much! Creative? Oh pfft, more like LAME!
They can be fleeing buddies in this case >: D
Eversparks Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
Be a rebel Onion, EMBRACE THE PINK.

I love the new arttt~ And... that catchphrase.

...Quick to Flee. I'm not surprised.
cherifish Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
Thanks evers!
He can't tell anyways since he is colourblind hur hur hur hur.
I like pink. So too bad, Onion.

Poket-Skitts Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
Ahh I love his new app! And his catchphrase is always going to be the best just sayin :I <3
And that fashion style is fabulous as always uvu
He is the coolest of all the cool kids! I hope to see more of his shenanigans in the future <3

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