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December 1, 2012
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Harvest Pokemoon - Spider by cherifish Harvest Pokemoon - Spider by cherifish
Made it in! You are all doomed now! Naww just kidding. Not really.

Name: Spider
Age: Twenty-fourFIVE!
Gender: Handsome Chap
Pokemon: Beheeyem
Height: 6’2’’ / 188cm
Birthday: November Twenty-Eight
Home Island: Amusement Archipelago
Bodystyle: Skinny as a beanpole.
Posture: Holds himself straight. Slouches when he sits.

Nature: Adamant - Firmly fixed or decided against something; Highly Persistent.
Ability: Synchronize - Synchronize passes on status problems to the opponent that caused the problem.
Moveset: Flash (via eyes) Teleport (Fleeing sticky situations) Psyshock (combat) Psychic (defence)

Spider is from a hard-working family of six. His Father was always away on business trips, and his Mother was a Designer of all things creative. Spider received his creative flair from her, as did his three brothers. They would often go along with their Mother on her creative adventures, and as they grew older they helped her to create her own clothing brand, which she had become most fond of. Spider was happy to follow down whatever path she chose, or more like, he didn't have much of a say. He got along well with her and his brothers, especially the eldest, and they made quite a team. He had an easy childhood, a comfortable one at that. The family was always well off, proper, and neat, and Spider developed such habits due to this. Anything below the standards of his family bothered him, and he craved to help those ‘in need’ to be like him. When it was apparent that his oldest Brother would inherent his Mother’s business one day, Spider lost motivation to continue contributing his efforts. As he grew older, he became more independent and distant from his family. He wanted to test out his skills on his own, under his own rules and regulations. He turned to Interior Design as a chance to finally help out those ‘in need’ of a re-design, and after a falling-out with his older brother, finally set off to do just that.

Due to Spider’s upbringing and the fact that design has always been a constant influence, he is now a rather confident and decisive planner (not to mention obsessive) He is skillful and knows what he is doing and trusts in his abilities so much that sometimes he may come across as intrusive and forceful. However, he does what he does in order to benefit the business in question. He is rather stubborn when it comes to the final say on how a room looks. Even though the property does not belong to him, if a client does not agree to his advice, he will try and persuade them otherwise, believing he is always right. In other words, he can be a real inflexible pompous ass when working.
Away from work, he is actually a rather sociable guy. He enjoys his independence and moments of solitude, though is always up for a hearty chat with other townsfolk. His observant nature allows him to spot when someone is feeling uneasy or in need of a talk, though his frank advice could use improvement. He will mostly get along with other characters who can hold a decent and mature conversation, and who appear gathered and motivated with their profession. Being successful in what you do is also a huge plus for Spider. Childish or lazy individuals irk him beyond belief, even though he may be a little childish himself at times.

Job: Business Owner / ‘Specialist’ Interior Designer

Spider specialises in helping residents of Raccolto organise and re-design their businesses, ranches and farms in order to attract more customers, or to just improve the general appearance. He does this by purely using what they already own. He has a small office/home in Amusement Archipelago that clients seeking interior advice can visit, however he usually prefers to go door-knocking in search for those in ‘need’ to spread his wisdom to. If you have let go a little and maybe have a rather drab or messy business, ranch or farm, you may have a hard time getting rid of this intrusive helper. In fact don’t let him inside at all, ok?
If you become closer friends with Spider, he will assess your personal home if you ask him to.

Shop Name: Spider’s Interior Advice (S.I.A)
Stock: ‘Friendly’ advice.
Dog/Cat Race: Roaming Pokemon is Meowth. Spider has not adopted one for himself. (Perhaps at a later date)
Dog/Cat Name: N/A (but for the sake of filling this field out, his future cat will most likely be named Sasa)

Talents/Fun Facts:
- His three rings glow in the dark. They are on both hands.
- Is excellent at visualising an interior from any angle or perspective and then mapping it out on paper.
- He rarely keeps in touch with his family, and will prefer to discuss his progression in Raccolto with either two of his younger brothers.
- Is decent at cooking himself a meal, but would prefer to eat out to save creating a mess. His kitchen (and store/home) is always impeccable. He will demand you take your shoes off at the door.
- He is rarely angry. He is easy to annoy, but will drop the conversation before his mood drops further.
- Doesn't like to get his hands dirty.
- Likes the beach.
- Likes the cold.
- Dyrexic.

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sangchu Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
finally get to comment on this :'D
spider is one of my fave in hpm! i love his stylish design and A+ unique pokemon choice~ cher your style is to die for and i love seeing your hpm art of this guy in my inbox (as well as your other hpm character, buuut that's for when i comment on her app haha) my favorite thing are his rings though, i bet they look so cool in the dark o u o

fantastic character, cher <3
cherifish Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
Oh man, thank you so much Sangchu! I'm really glad you are a member now as well, makes this group all the more enjoyable knowing you are here!
And I'm super flattered that you like Spider so much! His rings are his favourite as well! And work really well for when he gets lost at night and needs to be found.
lamby-luv Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013
wow! this is so good!
cherifish Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
lamby-luv Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
reesekitty-14 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
Oh my he is so precious and I just want to huggle him to death.:iconplzhug: His name is definitely different from what you normally hear. I also like how you changed the background the way you did.
Perhaps we could rp sometime? <3
cherifish Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
Aww shucks, thanks so much! Yeah I don't think many parents go around naming their kids Spider.
And yeah sure, maybe i'll catch you in the chats sometime :)
reesekitty-14 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
Unfortunately I don't go in chats, I'm so nervous of them that if I do get the guts I just become the lurker/wallflower that is there but is too afraid to type anything >.<
Arti-vibe Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I love Spider! His looks/deign is excellent and I like his background.
I'm not surprised he's in the group! Good job!
cherifish Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
Thanks so much! Glad you like him!
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